topics we were raised to disagree on (‘big pharma’ ‘government’ etc.)

I want people to understand each other so we can move forward together. A way to do that is to find out what we have in common and find out that most of us are acting rationally based on the data we have and our point of view. ‌ ‌‌ ‌A huge challenge in this… Continue reading topics we were raised to disagree on (‘big pharma’ ‘government’ etc.)

extra. planetary.

The emergence of private human spaceflight is an unqualified benefit to all mankind.‌ ‌‌ ‌I keep seeing articles focusing on “an ego race between billionaires” and complaining about how the common man cannot hope to afford space, and that it’s only for the rich. I cannot tell whether these journalists forgot their history classes, have… Continue reading extra. planetary.

Options for Helping Society

A friend recently asked me, essentially, “how do you give back?” and broached the topic of helping society (as an artist). And in fact I’ve been overthinking this issue for some years now, so I jotted off this list of options: Strategies for Helping Society 1) make lots of money doing X, then write checks to people… Continue reading Options for Helping Society