topics we were raised to disagree on (‘big pharma’ ‘government’ etc.)


I want people to understand each other so we can move forward together. A way to do that is to find out what we have in common and find out that most of us are acting rationally based on the data we have and our point of view.

A huge challenge in this whole situation is Big Pharma became distrusted because of their provably bad behavior in a number of areas (e.g. Opiod crisis, numerous other) over a long period of time. Add to that objective failed governmental approaches to war on drugs and a generation of TV shows and movies and media telling us NOT to trust government / Pharma on these topics, and maybe you can understand why millions of people are reluctant, on both “sides” of the political aisle.

Then it was hammered into us our body = our choice and even if we had moral qualms about it, the majority of people say “that makes sense, I wouldn’t want someone telling me what to do with my body”.

Suddenly Big Pharma are the good guys again and we need to do what we’re told. Then we have a phenomenon where “informed consent” (the principle that you can decide whether to have medical treatment) has become a lack of consent, enforced through legislation and backed up by unrelenting social pressure.

What is the right reaction when your abusive parent gives you correct advice? Do you take it?

In this environment, I am seeing people who used to wear their libertarian flag and home-grow in Topanga now going Karen-esque on their friends, when they ALL used to skip MMR boosters for their kids when they were in Granola School together. And it’s happening very fast. The social upheaval due to people simply being scared at something they can’t control and predict is overwhelming.

Even if we all should be vaccinated, these conflicts and divides are not good. We need to beat this together. From the authoritative, scientific references I have read, my understanding is that:

1) We will never be able to reach herd immunity
2) The virus will continue to change and remain a seasonal risk
3) Vaccinated people can still get and transmit this virus and its variants

See this article from Nature:

Given those conditions, we need to figure out a way forward.

The Supreme Court had to tell the governor that it was okay to practice in-person religion in California after it was shut down for a year. Not even a dozen people in a cavernous room wearing masks were permitted. An objective view about the number of legal and constitutional freedoms we are (perhaps correctly) yielding without a fight because it is for the greater good, is worth inspection.

Yes, I am fully vaccinated.

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